Story Time

Children's Books & Illustrations

As a Children's Book Illustrator and Layout Designer some of my works include 'Grammar with Gowri', 'Howzzat Journal for a Young Sports Fan', 'Not That Different' and a few other books in print and published online.

Not That Different Comic Book

Not That Different is more than just a comic book. It is a movement spreading the much required awareness on neurodiversity through children's perspective. Even though it is primarily targeted at young readers, it's a good read for all ages as it answers many good questions on the topic in the most positive, fun and simple manner. 

It's also India's first comic book that talks about neurodiversity in this style.

Conceptualised by Nidhi Mishra and Mugdha Kalra. Written by Archana Mohan. To read the entire book go to 


Howzzat Sports Journal

'HOWZZAT Journal For a Young Sports Fan' is a brightly illustrated, page by page activity book designed and illustrated for a young sports enthusiast. 

Conceptualised by Archana Mohan and published by Bookosmia.